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“The Missing Link in Health and Healing”
For as long as I can remember, I knew I was different.  I didn’t want to conform to what everyone else was doing or what they wanted me to BE. Thank goodness!  Always curious and really loved supernatural stuff, psychics, shamans, energy workers, always believed in an “invisible world” and an energy bigger than us that connects us all.
I was conscious at an early age that there were no coincidences. Each experience no matter what it would bring into my life, it would lead me to the next.   Always trusting, learning, evolving and loving how amazing it was that even when I was going through what ever I was going through,  I would have never thought it would lead me to where it did.
I would have never guessed that I’d be a Pilates teacher and that Pilates would lead me to an energy modality that would change my life for ever.
Seven years ago just after having my second daughter, I was approached by one on my new Pilates clients who mentioned to me that she was interested in taking a certification course in ThetaHealing. That night I looked it up and when I read about it, I felt this overwhelming “knowing” that THIS IS IT!. I just knew that ThetaHealing was the missing link to my work with my students and clients. It explained WHY some of my clients where experiencing the “dis-ease” in the body and how this mind/body connection was real and how balancing both helped the body to heal itself.
I immediately signed up for a course. This opened the door to so much knowledge that truly resonated with all of me.  It brought me beautiful experiences, connections with many like minded people. I saw and felt all the changes in my life…I practiced on my kids, family and friends. I’ve taken about seven ThetaHealing courses since then.  Each one took me and my practice to a the next higher level. My relationships improved.  I saw life through different eyes. I started to take responsibility for the life I had created for myself.  I leaned to decipher between the voice of my ego and the voice of me heart.  I learned to trust my heart and this made it so much easier to navigate through life.
In this NEW world, we heal; we align ourselves with that higher part of us so we can trust this inner voice to take the wheel and know that together we will create the reality we have always dreamed for.  I now teach and certify people in ThetaHealing.  I’ve helped hundreds of people along their journey to consciousness. It IS a new world.  We are all limitless!  We create our reality,  our relationships, disease and disorder. I’m still in awe at how amazing it is to be a part of this movement. Please join me at Forrest Energy to explore this modality and learn more about what is possible for your life with ThetaHealing.

To experience this powerful technique, we are offering a free “ThetaHealing Report”. Classes are currently being offered in Spanish and will be available in English starting in September. If you’d like to set up an initial consultation, contact us at 305.606.2448 or email info@forrestpilates.com.
We look forward to helping you achieve your goals and remove the negative blocks that are preventing you from receiving the results you want and deserve in your life.

Maria Forrest