The Power of Thought: Releasing Negative Beliefs through ThetaHealing

Your thoughts have an incredible power on determining your reality including your energy, well-being and happiness. It is necessary to remove your internal negative thinking in order to achieve goals and even to just have a calm sense of self. It is our thinking patterns that block us from moving into a career we have always dreamed about, losing weight, finishing a project or even just moving forward when you believe that there is no way to change your situation. Thinking that you are “not good enough” for a new job, “I’ll never be able to lose weight” or “I don’t even know how to start this project”, affects our health and progress in life!


The problem and cycle that many people find themselves in is trying to fix their thoughts externally. “If only I had…. I would be able to go after my dream career, lose weight or finish this project”. However, there is nothing external that can make those things happen; it is simply changing your core beliefs about yourself in association with what you want to accomplish.  Once you feel good about those things you previously held repetitive beliefs about, you will attract what you want to manifest in your life.  Matt Kahn, who gave a lecture titled “The Love Revolution”, believes that these outlooks we carry with us like disappointment and heartbreak are actually distractions to focusing on ourselves. Therefore, we would never be able to make positive changes because we would be continuously focused on thoughts that interfere.


In Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You are the Placebo”, he asks the question of why some people respond or become “healed” by a placebo sugar pill in medical tests. They essentially heal themselves by thought alone, having positive biological changes despite not being given any medication. He asks the important question, “Do you need something outside of you to change something inside of you”? The answer is no. We all have the neurological machinery needed to make these changes on our own.


Beyond using this power you naturally possess, working with a Theta Healing practitioner can help you identify and change your thinking habits that are no longer serving you in your subconscious mind and discover what is holding you back. A ThetaHealing practitioner can intuitively scan your body to find energy blocks, developed by accumulated emotions and help you release those blockages. The power of Theta means even the strongest beliefs can be released with ease and grace and patterns that might have served you in the past may be preventing you from moving forward today.

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