ThetaHealing™ is a tremendously powerful method that can be practiced in person or over the phone. The practitioner is able to use and send Higher Power healing energy to you by putting himself or herself in a meditative state or Theta Brain Wave. The practitioner can intuitively scan your body to find energy blocks, developed by accumulated emotions. We can help you to release these blockages. Muscle testing can also be used to unlock the negative beliefs in the unconscious mind and discover what is holding you back. The power of Theta means even the strongest beliefs can be released with ease and grace. Patterns that might have served you in the past may be preventing you from moving forward today. ThetaHealing™ will help you to release your negative patterns.



  • Identify deeply held blocks that are holding you back
  • Heal the body through the release of accumulated energetic emotions and trauma.
  • Find and re-program negative core beliefs.
  • Accelerate your personal growth and spirituality
  • Attract the opportunities that will help you to manifest your dreams
  • Bring your relationship with yourself to a higher level of love and kindness
  • Create a reality and life that YOU want