An estimated 20 million Americans practice yoga , an ancient Eastern practice that has risen dramatically in popularity in recent decades.

The word yoga means “union,” referring to a union between the mind, body and spirit . What we typically call yoga here in the U.S. is technically asana, a practice of physical poses . The yoga classes offered at Forrest Pilates are indeed asana classes, but we stress the connection between mind, body and spirit throughout all of our work.
A good yoga practice is, in essence, about creating balance in the body through physical strength and flexibility. As a person progresses through his or her practice, her or she will eventually encounter mental and emotional challenges as well—and reap mental and emotional benefits.
As you learn how to quiet your mind so that you can focus your energy into achieving a challenging pose, you will develop a habit of calm determination and concentration that will be applicable to your work and personal life, as well. Therefore, a stronger and more flexible body can be just the first step in a journey toward greater presence and peace throughout all aspects of your life .


Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga increases strength and muscle tone and promotes flexibility.
  • Yoga improves respiration.
  • Regular practice of yoga has been shown to result in increased energy and vitality.
  •  Yoga helps to maintain a balanced metabolism.
  •  Yoga promotes cardio and circulatory health.
  • Yoga can contribute to improved athletic performance.